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Cycles of a “world without end”


EB pix Germany and more 344    As I breathe the inner oxygen of connecting once more with characters and story, I remember that my faithfulness in the writing process is in listening and watching to discover these, rather than attempting to impose anything on them. I remember, too, how very much more inviting this is in approach to living.

What this process brings, in addition to the pages it may generate and the story it unfolds, is what I am currently able to receive, and to integrate on deeper levels. I imagine my dream-savvy friends nodding their heads, as it is rather like the experience of dreaming.

For this writer, story and fiction are always character-driven. Process is reminding me that this drive, however much it feels like watching movies of others, is also always deepening my connection with my own wholeness. And with that of others.                                                            EB pix Germany and more 190

Writers often notice how different their experience of energy is at such generative times. This flow can seem – as in dreaming – like a span of soaring over great expanses until suddenly, we’re compelled to stop and rest wings whose force must eventually trail off. Then a cycle of recharging, filling up again, ensues – and is necessary. We encounter that juncture of the energetic difference between being inspired to do, until we reach a point of having, and then remembering, often through a kind of fatigue, that within this cycle we need to be “re-sourced” from what it is that reinforces our be-ing.

Writer Penney Peirce offers a helpful model of this inner cycle in her book, The Intuitive Way. She describes how, moving from a centered place of being, and receiving what comes to meet us there, we are inspired toward doing, and this takes shape in action that eventually leads to achieving or having. We may then begin to notice a fading, a weakening of the wings, so to speak, that is the reminder that it’s time to do what our very cells know they must do: rest, recharge, and be restored again to a state of being that’s ready for the next cycle. Ready to receive. Cells do not restore themselves after they expend their energy in their task, but are restored by something beyond themselves. Cells seem to know innately the wisdom of returning to their fullest being through the “re-sourcing” of what it is that truly sustains them.

So often today, the world and its suggestions can make it very easy to get caught in just one segment of this cycle Penney Peirce describes – stuck on a depleting loop of repeatedly attempting to do and have. In fact, collective consciousness often offers more reinforcement to do this than to comply with the requirements of that cycle of inner wisdom.

There, waiting each day, is my choice point. I can accede to the demands and insistence of the world. Or turn toward the more trustworthy and sustaining one — that world without end referenced so long ago, by One who saw it, invited toward it. As everything in creation invites today. The fact that writing should be so inextricably woven with it seems divine bounty of a large order.    EB pix Germany and more 338


2 thoughts on “Cycles of a “world without end”

  1. I love your writing about writing. It makes me hungry to write and connect with a deeper, mysterious part of myself. I also love these photos – so reminiscent and homey, even though they are from an era prior to my birth. I love the fact that the rooms in these photos are not cluttered with any number of things that seem to creep into my rooms. Rooms both internally and externally. Ah….how simple life was then, at least in terms of material items. I realize that there was an external hell going on, yes? These are photos from the WWII era?

  2. Dear Kathy – your thoughts here echo many of my inner ones, too. Perhaps it’s just that simple, quiet center that’s always calling.

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