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Humble but reasonable confidence

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     Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

     Adopt an unlimited belief in your ability to create or you will never know what you are capable of creating, suggests writer Ron Tomanio.

 – Just what is a humble and reasonable balance of confidence in the powers we’ve each been given?

 – How does it play its part in the creative process?

 – How vital is it to have trust and have faith in our instincts, innate talents, and hard-earned experiences?

 – What are the roles of both joy and adversity in this, and in the creative process?

     I’d love to know your thoughts on any or all of these. 

Tomorrow, the blog will share more thoughts from Ron Tomanio in a guest post about the infinite facets of our inner resources and the ways in which experience provides the opportunity to draw them out and develop them.



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