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Finding the Divine in the Details

Navigating toward a limitless good

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2005 China Trip 195  As I continue to review our publisher’s edits for the upcoming With Thine Own Eyes, ideas and concepts reveal themselves for reflection:

Kind forces are drawing us away from preoccupation with “fighting evil” toward creative, collaborative, and limitless building of the good.

Nothing that exists remains in a state of repose. Everything is either growing or declining.

We are here to mirror to each other the attributes of the Creator.

Every attribute and faculty we possess, known and unknown, comes into balance as we strive to align the acts of giving and receiving.

An eternal life begins when we begin to acquire what lasts forever.

The gift of this age, bestowed on all humanity, is the right each one of us has to investigate reality independently.

The natural outcome of that is the expression of willing, joyful, genuine acts of service — our personal and collective pathway for building the good.

How do I claim and receive that gift, each day? How do I carry and express its potential on my path?

Those should be more than enough points of focus to free my heart from the weight of a world’s unreal illusions this week. Here’s hoping.

Ron Tomanio, Diane Iverson and Phyllis Ring explore these and related themes in the soon-to-be-released With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate the Past When We Can Investigate Reality? coming this summer from George Ronald Publisher.


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