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Service, self, and purpose

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2005 Race Unity Day 084

An excerpt about service and relationships – including the one we have with our self – from With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate the Past When We Can Investigate Reality? coming this summer from George Ronald Publisher.

When we translate the spiritual inspiration we receive into a genuine act of service, our motivation is most likely one of improving our relationships with our fellow servants of God. But something far deeper transpires, which may, initially, go unnoticed. We are bringing out from the latent state of potentiality our true self and purpose.

The genuine acts of service that we have exchanged with another person in this world form the eternal part of our relationship that transcends this material world. The material gifts that we exchange with loved ones will return to dust but the love they were given with will last forever.

What is the connection between relationships and the concept of investigating our own reality? Personal investigation of one’s reality is an abstract endeavour and it can be difficult to assess progress. However, the more successful we are in uncovering our true self, the better the decisions we will make regarding our lives and the people in them, which translates into healthier and happier relationships. This will provide us with tangible evidence that we are making progress on the path of service and self-discovery.

In order to be effective, acts of service must be generated in conscious awareness that we are a servant of God. Powerful stresses are created if there is a disconnection between what we believe to be our identity and the purpose behind our actions. Powerful stresses are also created if we are not allowed to enact our own, unique acts of service. To live to our highest potential, it seems that we need to come into consciousness of our true selves and also to establish a balance between our being and our doing that is rooted in our truest purpose.

Ideally, acts of service flow naturally from the heart of a servant of God to humanity.

Co-authors Ron Tomanio, Diane Iverson and Phyllis Ring explore these and related themes in the soon-to-be-released With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate the Past When We Can Investigate Reality? from George Ronald Publisher.

Photo: singers of One Human Family.


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