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The sweet surprises in going the distance



Like much life experience, a book’s publication will show you — and quickly — what you didn’t know that you didn’t know. About life, and others. About your work. And, about yourself.

My novel Snow Fence Road, finding its way into the world at this time of the summer solstice, came into being at this time more than 20 years ago. It began with a dream of the incident that shatters one character’s life. I can mark that juncture as a turning point in my own life, but no matter how good a listener I tried to be when capturing and gathering together the pieces of the story, the themes, largely emotional ones, only came full-circle in awareness once the work was complete. And that, in part, is a gift from those who make room in their life to read it.

Bless kind Angelique at her Why I Can’t Stop Reading blog. She’s invited me to be her first guest post today as I reflect on this.

Come visit and read the rest at:



3 thoughts on “The sweet surprises in going the distance

  1. Can’t wait for the book signing at Waterstreet Bookstore. Luv, Barbara Ann

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