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On the Snow Fence Road


Ginnyphoto      Rick photo-1

Thanks so much to readers for sending their pix from near and far, to show where in the world Snow Fence Road is having its pages turned.

Pictured here, Ginny and Eric Mondschein in the Adirondacks.

Keep sending those shots. And mind the bears! Happy and safe travels to all. 🙂

Find purchase info. here: https://phyllisedgerlyring.wordpress.com/make-a-beginning-and-all-will-come-right/



3 thoughts on “On the Snow Fence Road

  1. I just received the book in the mail yesterday! Have been so looking forward to reading it. Got a moment to read the first few pages this morning. Ah, lovely! The anticipation of the rest . . . Picked up my mom from the airport this afternoon, and as I write this, her nose is buried in it. I think I’m going to have to wait!

  2. Yes! She finished it in two days and now I am almost finished as well. Love this book! Hope there will be more? There are plenty of books I can’t bear to read because they are devoid of hope. I liked the complexity of the relationship and the theme of healing. My mom was pleased that it wasn’t debased! Nothing irritates her more.

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