Leaf of the Tree

Finding the Divine in the Details

Kind words for a love story about healing

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    IMG_0432 Photo: Nelson Ashberger

My deepest thanks to all responding/reviewing readers, to all who are spreading the word about the book, each and every one of you.

Some snippets:

Snow Fence Road will be a great addition to your beach bag this summer … a well-written story about loving and trusting again after the death of the person you are sure is your one true love. ~ Melynda Taylor

Intuitive, gentle, compassionate love is the saving grace for characters stricken by deceit, blame and guilt. ~ Simona Dunn

… a heartwarming story that speaks to the transformative power of love, truth, and acceptance. You root for her characters as you settle into a feel-good novel that is reminiscent of the late-great Maeve Binchy. ~ Adele Ryan McDowell     

FIND PURCHASE INFO. AT: https://phyllisedgerlyring.wordpress.com/make-a-beginning-and-all-will-come-right/






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