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Sudden Rain (#002 July 2013) ~ Postcard Ku


Apt, timely metaphor for this heart, in its summer hours.

A 19 Planets Art Blog 2010/2018


©13 Sudden Rain 4 sml 6x






I race

the sudden summer rain

each open window


Digital Drawing and Painting

At many levels and in many countries the word Ku is a currently accepted English variation of the word Haiku. 

In July, I will be working on several projects (which may or may not reach completion in July)—among them a book of my postcards, a kid art project and some other things that float in and out of my day. I may post to the blog a little less often than my posting was in June although I will still be working and creating around my art. . . . and probably the rain too.

Have fun. Explore haiku—and other outer world life—as well…

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3 thoughts on “Sudden Rain (#002 July 2013) ~ Postcard Ku

  1. aloha Phyllis – every so often the rain catches me watching a bright sun day—and then flumph the clouds sweep in and the rain pours. every time that happens i get this jolt and i have to think if i have windows open or not—because i remember when i have not raced the rain only to discover i should have. . . . fun summer hours on you. aloha

    • Aloha, Rick – “flumph” is an able word that will stay in mind. Have reblogged just one more today, but promise not to to go overboard doing this. Thanks for putting these gifts into the world.

      • I’m delighted that you enjoy these Phyllis. my work has not been reblogged so often that I’m tired of it yet. it’s still relatively new for me and I like discovering what happens. I’m a slow plodder. mainly I like exploring each moment. so no worries yet on the reblogs.

        yeah, I like exploring word-sound words too, especially those I make up. . . . okay, I like exploring almost any word I can make up new when it’s function or meaning becomes apparent via the context it is used in. . . . yeah, sometimes I miss the mark, sometimes it’s only a near miss tho, and then once in a while there is an ahawow word that is just about right. fun. aloha.

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