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Summertime, and the reading is …

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photo  SNOW FENCE ROAD, here and there  Nadine1060751_549914665068524_1623995313_n

Left, Samantha French Brown and son, Logan, find a cozy reading spot near New Hampshire’s Mount Sunapee. Right, Nadine Iglowski with her beach reading on Nantucket.

I love receiving photos like these — please keep sending them!


And thanks so much, Laurie Jenkins, for including an interview about Snow Fence Road on your blog:


Book-blogger Laurie:  Tell us about your current book release.

PER:  Snow Fence Road is a love story about how hearts are healed. Now that even “sweet” romance can lean heavily toward physical attraction and arousal, this book might seem like a vegetarian at the barbecue in terms of how it’s categorized.  It aims at more emotional and spiritual themes because in the thousands of lives I’ve encountered, so many wounded — hardened-off — hearts seem determined to believe they’ll never love, or trust love, again. No amount of physical love or attraction heals that, but real love of heart and soul can, and does. The story began when I dreamt the accident experience that shatters its hero’s life as if I were a witness at the scene. I needed the intensity of such an emotional impact to shift into the commitment and focus it takes to write books after 25 years of freelancing for magazines and other publications. Snow Fence Road also explores the weight of secrets – why we keep them, when they drain our life away; when there isn’t even truly need to, though shame and guilt often won’t let us recognize that. 
Read the interview at Laurie’s blog: http://networkedblogs.com/N5HDL

Find book purchase info. here: https://phyllisedgerlyring.wordpress.com/make-a-beginning-and-all-will-come-right/


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