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Justice and progress



“ … a proper understanding of the oneness of humanity implies that any law, tradition or mental construct that grants superior rights or privileges to one grouping of humanity over another is not only morally wrong but fundamentally at odds with the best interests of even those who consider themselves to be in some way superior.

It also implies that nation-states, as contributors to an emerging global civilization, must hold common standards and take active steps to purge from their laws, traditions and practices any form of discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnic origin – or, for that matter, on gender, religion, language or any other individual characteristic or choice.While racial, national and/or ethnic heritage can be sources of pride and a backdrop for positive social development, such distinctions should not become a basis for new forms of separation or superiority, however subtle.

Finally, it implies that justice must be the governing principle of social organization, calling for widespread measures by governments, international agencies and civil society to address economic injustice at all levels.”

~ Baha’i International Community

The statement from which this is taken can be viewed in full at:


Photo courtesy Saffron Moser and Nelson Ashberger.


2 thoughts on “Justice and progress

  1. This seems so basic, so elementary to the human software. And yet, after what… 800,000 years(?)… the organic oneness of us still has to be taught and taught again, and is only barely absorbed by so few.

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