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Snow Fence Road Cover

Thanks so much to book-blogger Cath at My Book Chatter
for interviewing me.
Her blog is also offering a goodie-pack giveaway
that includes a print copy of Snow Fence Road, 945697_266219130187939_1179526444_nlovely
hand-painted earrings from jewelry designer Diane Kirkup, bath salts, and yummy chocolate.
Be sure to visit the
My Book Chatter blog and enter. 🙂
(link below)

Interview excerpt:
Welcome Phyllis 🙂
Why did you want to be a writer?
Possibly the result of too much time alone in my room as a kid, together with the fact that I come from a family of writers. Stories came and found me and have never stopped. My making the commitment to go the distance and stay with them, learn and grow and be shaped by them, as they take shape, until I discover what they want to show me is what feels like the real practice of writing, for me.

Where did the idea for Snow Fence Road first come from?
I dreamt it, more than 25 years ago. I saw the incident that shatters one character’s life (and remains a mystery full of secrets in the story) just as if witnessing it like a bystander.

How did you choose the genre you write in?
I’ve always yearned to write about the many-layered complexity of relationships, the recognitions we reach within them about ourselves and others and life, which can set us free, or keep us imprisoned — and the growth and redemption that are the goal in everything of value in life, and in fiction, for me. I’m interested in how souls meet what it is they encounter and work with it and through it in order to recognize and claim whole new depths in themselves and their lives, and accompany others as they do the same. For this book’s story, which explores how compassion heals others and ourselves, sweet, inspirational romantic fiction was the route. Also, the book has a very regional flavor, as well as a small-town one, both vital elements, for me. By contrast, my current novel-in-progress has historical elements, set in Nazi Germany, as well as contemporary, women’s fiction, and generational-story ones.

Read the whole interview at: http://mybookchatterchat.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/interview-and-giveaway-with-author.html


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