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Is There Life BEFORE Death?



Uh, oh.

Just when there are at least three directions toward which my focused attention  “should” be going, along comes “a book concept” that decimates my sleep.

This night visitor unscrolls its suggestions somewhere in my head behind my eyes like a 1940s movie projector.

In the morning, I wake to these notes scribbled in the dark:

Title: Is There Life Before Death?

Possible Chapters / Table of Contents:

1. Life: You Are Invited

2. The Favor of a Response is Requested (Must be reading too much historical fiction)

3. You Brought The Gifts With You (But They Need to Be Unwrapped)

4. Prepare for Drama in Unreal Life (Or Just Ignore It)

5. Are You Out of Your Mind? Would You Prefer To Be?

6. Don’t Let Moments Be Postponements

DECISION: No more late-night snacking. (With radishes, no less.)

IMG_2709The message in that last “Chapter” is clear, and I’m off to attend to the waiting manuscript that’s been like the neglected child of a single parent with three jobs. No social media for me, for the rest of the week. Maybe the next one, too.

But please do watch for a Guest Post from writer friend Eric Mondschein coming later this week. And if you feel so inclined, tell him hello.






3 thoughts on “Is There Life BEFORE Death?

  1. I LOVE this idea!!! It is something I struggle with or are at least conscious of all the time……am I living mindfully, do I waste my time? I love the don’t let the ‘moments be postponements.’

  2. Phyllis, I so know this feeling of waking up and scrambling for a pen and the back of an envelope because I know the thoughts will evaporate in the morning. But I don’t usually download a full TOC with decent chapter heads. High spirit world and your good ancestors are your muses, able to connect with the good in your nature. Stick with the late-night radishes. You may be onto something.

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