Leaf of the Tree

Finding the Divine in the Details

What are the fruits of our living and giving?

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It can be a rich world out there in the blogosphere.

Some gleanings here and there:

IMG_1014Trust truth. It claimed us long ago. It uses us and aspects of life to push, pull, confirm and challenge us to a deeper realization. ~ Gangaji

How does truth make use of us, in the fruits of our living and giving?

In a week that included the anniversary of Sept. 11, blogger and Strategic Monk Greg Richardson notes: “When we talk about someone giving their life for someone or something, we are usually talking about how their life ended. … It is often not the way a life ends that best describes it. …The lives that are given include much more than how they end, each moment of each day. They give all their experiences and emotions, their thoughts and secrets, their passions and wisdom, their abilities and desires.

Read the rest of Greg’s “Focused on Giving Our Lives” at http://wp.me/p2kVKj-1Jq.

IMG_1997And while we’re talking about living and giving, writer Kathy Custren makes me smile with her admission, “Personally, I can only multi-task if I concentrate on one thing.”

Find her singular thoughts on the subject of being universal and individual and the part concentration and focus play in that at “Clarity of Singularity” at http://omtimes.co/17yV8HW.

Artwork courtesy Saffron Moser and Nelson Ashberger.

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