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A shade quite opposite of gray …


My big thanks to blogger and all-around angel Angie Kinsey for giving me and Snow Fence Road such a nice interview feature in her Motivational Blog for Writers and Artists:

AK: You’ve called your book “the exact opposite of 50 Shades. Did you set out to write a book that was the opposite of “Shades” or do you base most of your stories on emotional romance rather than graphic sexual encounters?

PER: No matter what sort of writing I do, my goal’s always to highlight the beauty and meaning that can exalt the human condition. A lot of current writing focuses on aspects of “dis-ease” we can all recognize in the human struggle, then bogs down in the mess of its symptoms.  It does the same thing conventional medicine does – focuses on pain and imbalance, giving center stage to the horror and fear these generate. This serves mostly to entrap and preoccupy the instinctual side of us, I think. Snow Fence Road Cover

But what about the wider options in the liberating power of the healing process itself? That greater part of us it’s calling forth? I love the potential power and purpose story can convey about our highest possibilities. That story must come full-circle and be authentic enough to satisfy those who make time to read it, of course. I’m also always wondering: How are we raising our vision toward something greater, rather than simply settling for the imbalance we see around us, or devolving into the negativity it creates? How effectively are we exercising our power of choice? What do we invest in – i.e. “pay” attention and give time to? And why? How is that making us feel, and how could honesty about our feelings (something nearly absent in Western culture as I’ve known it) lead to the true intimacy that is also absent in so much human experience?

Find the interview with Angie at:


2 thoughts on “A shade quite opposite of gray …

  1. Phyllis, you really do raise the bar. Thanks for your beautiful insights about writing “up” instead of to the lowest common denominator.

  2. These words, from you, especially, are a big gift.

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