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The best gift autumn ever brought me



Thirty-seven years ago this month, a kind, wonderfully humorous guy named Jon Ring invited me along on a visit to some friends of his in Keene, NH. (I’ve since come to believe those friends fashioned a little set-up.)

Very shortly afterward, this soulful man began to feel a lot like the person I imagined sharing my life with. My mother, ever the pragmatic soul, encouraged me to tell him so, after I told her.

I drove right back to Exeter that afternoon and did. He survived the shock with admirable grace and a short time later, married we were. That anniversary doesn’t come around for another few months, but it’s at this time of year that I always remember what began unfolding so beautifully in my life in those days.

Iceland and Mexico and Spring 06 Germany 213Here he is in Keene, again in pumpkin season, in a more recent decade. I think that some days, living with me may feel something like living with that face the pumpkin is wearing. Way back in that autumn of ’78, I don’t think I yet possessed the capacity to imagine just how thankful I’d be today for his willingness to share the adventure of this life with me. Or perhaps my soul did see it coming, did see it all, right from the start.

It’s the second sweetest thing that ever happened to me. The first is how much we both love what is of God

Year by year, life together brings home the truth of that vow we uttered on the night that united our lives:

“We will all verily abide by the Will of God.”


19 thoughts on “The best gift autumn ever brought me

  1. Phyllis, thank you for sharing a beautiful and personal memory. We are all blessed by it.

  2. Wonderful posting!

  3. How blessed you two are! Thanks for sharing….

  4. A very sweet walk down Memory Lane…. thanks for sharing the details of the dawn and the still rising sun of your love.

  5. Wonderful post of the mating of two beautiful souls
    Thanks for sharing Phyllis

  6. Your description is rivaled only by the orange leaves still clinging to the sugar maple across the street from our house.

  7. Phyllis this sharing touched my heart. How blessed you both are to have one another, to know that
    and to share your committed faith surrendered to the Will of God.

  8. Phyllis, this is just lovely, especially knowing who the two of you are. Thanks for posting a heart warming sentiment.

  9. Darlene, Carolyn, Diane, and Merci, thanks so much.

  10. I was traveling and could not leave a comment. I am home now and just wanted you to know that you both are truly blessed, and in your sharing, some of that light has been given to us. Thank you.

  11. This is beautiful, Phyllis. There is nothing like the marriage relationship, it is a reflection of how God loves us.

  12. Kathy, I LOVE that thought in your comment. 🙂

  13. beautiful Phyllis. you two make a wonderful pair.

  14. What a lovely post; what a lovely tribute to your husband. I certainly should write one to my sainted (He should be canonized for putting up with me!) sweetheart of a husband of 52 years. August is our anniversary month, but maybe I shouldn’t wait until then.

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