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Finding the Divine in the Details

Giveaway Week 1 – the divine in the details



Each week between now and December 13, visitors to this blog are invited to enter a weekly giveaway. Leave a comment on any post here at Leaf of the Tree, or send an email with “contest” in its subject line to info@phyllisring.com. dkheart935560_313660662110452_686114170_n

Each week’s  gift package will include a signed copy of one of my books and a pair of hand-crafted earrings from New Hampshire jewelry designer Diane Kirkup. Isn’t this painting of hers above beautiful? Do you see the ascending angel within it? It took my breath away when I did.

Each weekly contest begins Saturday evening and will receive entries through Friday of that week, with a winner drawn on Saturday mornings.

312q7DGYsbL._PJlook-inside-v2-small,TopRight,1,0_SH20_This week’s contest will award the Swarovski crystal earrings pictured above along with a copy of Life at First Sight: Finding the Divine in the Details. The book is a  collection of essays that aim to lift up the heart and help us remember that the divine really is waiting in the details, hoping we’ll look for and find it. Just like that angel in Diane’s painting.

Learn more about the book at:


Painting from Diane Kirkup: “River of Life”

View more of Diane’s designs at:



3 thoughts on “Giveaway Week 1 – the divine in the details

  1. Phyllis, you have the truest sense of community – giving with outstretched hands and a welcoming heart. Abundance must surely be waiting each day on your doorstep.
    Thanks for always sharing bits of yourself on this blog and also for allowing others to shine right along side of you. You are enriching the world one word at a time.
    The River of Life is stunning! It took me a minute to see the angel but once I did, I can’t not see it now. Thanks for calling my attention to Diane Kirkup’s work.

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