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Sustainable farming is not small potatoes

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“We’re trying to encourage the idea that the work you do is a part of the natural rhythm of your life and the community of which you’re a part.”

“We farm in order to grow food for people, and we have a connection with those people, whether they live here in Maine or across the country.”

Maine farmers Jim and Megan Gerritsen shared these words nearly eight years ago as we were standing ankle-deep in a field still sodden from Aroostook County’s fifth wet spring in a row. While other families were out having all kinds of fun that Memorial Day, the Gerritsens were planting potatoes. In an ultimate act of service, farmers, especially those on family-sized organic farms, are at the dictates of nature’s schedule. letter2013

Readers who see my posts on Facebook know that I often share information about the tireless work Jim Gerritsen is doing, on top of his tireless work as a farmer, to increase understanding about why, in terms of environment and human survival, sustainable agriculture is essential to human welfare.

As I opened my 2014 calendar, I saw that in this final year of the U.N. Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, 2014 is International Year of Family Farming. JimGclip_image002

A powerful choice for a better future and a fruitful step for this new year is to support those farmers on the front lines – the ones brave enough, and dedicated enough, to pursue sustainable growing when the worshippers of the bottom line want to corporatize the planet – and take its environment down in the process. Each time I go to our local farmers market, I’m gratified to see how the movement to grow and restore real food is – well, growing. Real food helped me heal over the past two years, after the corruption of what’s being done to the food chain nearly killed a lot of us.

I recently unearthed an article of mine at Organic Producer based on interviews with the kind Gerritsens, for those who might like to take a look at the link below. Be sure to visit their lovely, resource-filled web site, too, at: http://www.woodprairie.com/

Article – Family-Scale Farm is Anything But Small Potatoes:



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