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Two questions, unlimited opportunity

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Photo: Lara Kearns

The unceasing storms of negativity in the world can easily elicit negative reactions to go with them.

Yet life’s unfolding learning shows me that dwelling on imperfections, or berating myself or others for them, only increases the number of them that I perceive (and the misery I can consequently feel). It also saps — even squanders — the three precious resources over which I have choice: time, energy, and attention. It can lead me to  “spending” these on what is counterproductive, even destructive, when divine grace is always inviting me toward the building of the good, instead.

Photo: Lara Kearns

I can blindly imitate my past experience, including the kind of thinking that was born in earlier, fearful experiences that have led to attitudes, behaviors, assumptions, and beliefs that have no basis in current reality.

Or, I can recognize in my encounter with imperfection an invitation to accept that there is much I don’t know, or can’t change, especially about others. But I can always discover the limitless possibilities of love, of being open to the new possibilities in a situation or a moment.

Might such willingness to meet the present, rather than automatically imitate or recreate the past, be what it most truly means to “occupy” my self?

Folk Art House Silhouette

Folk Art House collage: http://leonahosack.com


The two service questions are conceived as a mechanism to help me focus on and clarify for myself the reality in the decisions with which I am faced each day.

Those junctures of possibility arrive moment by moment, and the goal of this pair of questions is to help me meet each one consciously as a servant of God:

~ At this moment in time, what is the act of service I am capable of giving that the other person is capable of receiving?

 ~ At this moment in time, what is the act of service I am capable of receiving that the other person is capable of giving?

Every human interaction is either an act of giving or an act of receiving. By asking questions that encompass both giving and receiving, my sensitivity to and awareness of my own needs and those of others is increased daily. Both questions are equally important because giving depends on someone willing and capable of receiving, and receiving depends on someone willing and capable of giving.

WTOEimage.phpAdapted from With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate the Past, When We Can Investigate Reality?

Find the book at: http://www.amazon.com/With-Thine-Own-Eyes-Investigate-ebook/dp/B00I1JPC7I/ref=pd_sim_kstore_11?ie=UTF8&refRID=0TQC490J7FVBRTJWM70H

Also available in print version from the publisher at: http://grbooks.com/george-ronald-publisher-books/spirituality/with-thine-own-eyes-1380638499

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