Leaf of the Tree

Finding the Divine in the Details

Our innermost happenings

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Gleanings found here and there:

KaffeeKannephotoThink, dear friend, reflect on the world that you carry within yourself. And name this thinking what you wish … Just be sure that you observe carefully what wells up within you and place that above everything that you notice around you. Your innermost happening is worth all your love. You must somehow work on that.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, it is an insane way to live.

~ Eckhart Tolle EB pix Germany and more 017

Get a life in which you notice the smell of salt water pushing itself on a breeze over the dunes, a life in which you stop and watch how a red-tailed hawk circles over a pond and a stand of pines.

Get a life in which you pay attention to the baby as she scowls with concentration when she tries to pick up a Cheerio with her thumb and first finger.

~ Anna Quindlen



One thought on “Our innermost happenings

  1. Love the Tolle quote. I don’t know the exact words or whose quote it is but a rough translation of one I like – If you truly live in the moment you have achieved eternal life.

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