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Snow Fence Road’s kind visitors



Photo: Eric Mondschein

Women writers get used to hearing response from women readers.

It’s been a fun surprise to see how Snow Fence Road is finding friends among men, too. And even more gratifying to learn that the book’s atmosphere travels with them.

This is the kind of reader response that makes my writer’s heart grateful for the path it does its best to pursue:

“Novelists say the secret to writing is to make the reader care about characters that are drawn so true to life that the reader walks around all day having imaginary conversations with them. Set in the fictional coastal town of Knowle, Maine, this is that kind of book. It’s a great read, which I ingested in huge gulps and still have “book hangover” from (the feeling where you don’t want to start a new book because you’re still enjoying living in the one you just read).”

~ Larry Moffitt


Photo: Nelson Ashberger

“I was at once an intimate of these people who I really liked, and I truly felt comfortable ‘tucking in’ at this Maine town. The characters were so well developed, the human dynamics believably complex and real, and the writing style so beautifully crafted, that I found myself very disappointed that my visit to this place with these friends had come to an end. Thank you for bringing this town, this inn, and these people into my life.”

  ~ Stephen Keyes


A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets –

the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.

Snow Fence Road:



2 thoughts on “Snow Fence Road’s kind visitors

  1. Time to write a sequel, Love !!!

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