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Delivered from a darkened world

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Some waftings of inspiration I’m pondering this week, to see how they relate to and inform each other:


Photo: Lara Kearns

“When I speak of health, I refer to spiritual health.

The health of the body is impermanent.

But spiritual health passeth not away;

it is attained when the spirit of man is delivered from

the conditions of the darkened world, and becomes

enveloped and permeated by divine qualities.”

~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Throne of the Inner Temple, p. 20


What is my personal relationship to and perception of spiritual health?

What are the elements of eternal life (divine attributes) by which I am willing / desire to be enveloped and permeated?



Photo: Lara Kearns

And how do each of these relate to the following concept?

“The world civilization now on humanity’s horizon must achieve a dynamic coherence between the material and spiritual requirements of life.”

~ The Universal House of Justice, Ridvan Message 2010


If spiritual well-being is the lasting, permanent reality, how does material life serve it?

One thought on “Delivered from a darkened world

  1. Thanks so much Phyllis Love for sharing this. Love You! ((( HUGS ))) XOXO

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