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What the indomitable spirit knows


So happy to share a Guest Post this week

from artist/writer Jane Bernhardt:

Yesterday I met a young man, Pierre Gerard, who is studying “phytoremediation”, which plant forms use for various kinds of detoxification.

When I expressed surprise he said, “Yes, it’s a large field of study.”

So now I’m picturing these fields, full of pollutants or damaged soil or toxic landfill …

and the scientist/farmers are planting fixer crops of sunflowers and grasses and all sorts of healing strains.

I let my mind wander and look around at the beautiful human efforts that have turned tides of darkness or despair, whether it is a young woman placing a flower on a tank, or a small Indian man leading a vast nation to keep its own salt and weave its own cotton and turn away the great British Empire.

Mother Theresa loving the outcasts and becoming a powerful global voice – a saint … or Nelson Mandela waiting decades behind bars for the chance to forgive and gently lead a wounded nation.

You could tell these stories for days on end and never stop being amazed.

So why are we soaking up our conscious fields with stress and fear? Yes: there are tragedies and terrible injustices. There are threats to our survival.

But what does the indomitable spirit know?

SC-front-cover-thumb-sizeThere is no death.

Love is the most powerful weapon in the universe for all eternity.

We are not alone: legions of ancestors and angels and divine emissaries of all descriptions are here to love us, encourage us … to show us that, really, there IS only love.

And we are here for each other.

Call your sisters and brothers. Gather in circles. We are powerful. We are great. We are weaving darkness into light, every time we choose to love … beginning with our gnarly selves.

Fall in love with everything. If it didn’t work today, try it again tomorrow.

Don’t give up. You are loved.1_janebernhardt

Learn more about Jane’s wonderful work at http://janebernhardt.com.

Jane shares illuminations in her first book, We Are Here: Love Never Dies, and her latest release, The Sweet Conversation, includes inspiring messages received over a six-year period as well as exercises for the reader to enter more deeply into a personal relationship with the Source of Love.

Join a widening community of Listening Circles that is springing up, using this manuscript as inspiration for expanding spiritual guidance.

3 thoughts on “What the indomitable spirit knows

  1. Thank you, Phyllis–

    This is the best way to start a day–with love, love and more love. We must remember that big things can come from a single person, a single word, a single prayer, a single positive thought, a single act of kindness–those single things make a world-wide impact. We are here to love and be loved and show love.

    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


  2. Bless you, Jane. I’m so glad, and also grateful for the energy you bring with you.

  3. Thank-you, Phyllis: I am so proud to be part of your beautiful blog — messages of Light that travel into the awareness of the Collective. Bless you!

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