Leaf of the Tree

Finding the Divine in the Details

Mid-autumn musings

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Like an image of autumn’s last hurrah, this photo of Burg Gamburg shows a setting I can’t wait to visit next year. It’s not far from my childhood home in Germany. I used to picnic with my parents beside a pretty little stream nearby, and marvel at this vision on the hillside.

And as autumn begins to hint at winter, writer Jennifer Clay shared this poem of irresistibly playful spirit:


Photo: D. Kirkup Designs

frantic chuffing chipmunks relay warnings
their neighbors passing it on
mourning the immense loss
of potential winter stash
that cannot be rescued
from the crunch of truck tires
nor retrieved from the nocturnal sorties of squirrels
whose molotov acorns ping off our metal roof
spirited away to line the bird-seed coffers
of opportunistic bullies in gray fur.

~ Jennifer Clay

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