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The gold in the hours


sprgbluphoto 3

Artwork: Judy Wright

“This is one of the most singular experiences, waking on what feels like a good day, preparing to work but not yet actually embarked. At this moment there are infinite possibilities, whole hours ahead.

Her mind hums. This morning she may penetrate the obfuscation, the clogged pipes, to reach the gold. She can feel it inside her, an all but indescribable second self, or rather a parallel, purer self. If she were religious, she would call it the soul. It is more than the sum of her intellect and her emotions, more than the sum of her experiences, though it runs like veins of brilliant metal through all three. It is an inner faculty that recognizes the animating mysteries of the world because it is made of the same substance, and when she is very fortunate she is able to write directly through that faculty. Meme1959335_758163877584949_5796047359521828465_n

Writing in that state is the most profound satisfaction she knows, but her access to it comes and goes without warning. She may pick up her pen and follow it with her hand as it moves across the paper; she may pick up her pen and find that she’s merely herself, a woman in a housecoat holding a pen, afraid and uncertain, only mildly competent, with no idea about where to begin or what to write.

She picks up her pen.” 

~ excerpted from The Hours, by Michael Cunningham


6 thoughts on “The gold in the hours

  1. What a lovely post. I would really love to win the earrings.

  2. To many the phrase “being in the zone” comes to mind, but this author so eloquently captures the inner truth of all that it attempts to contain. Thank you so much for sharing and the artwork by Judy Wright was simply spot on. Again, thank you for starting my day off with a smile and shaking my head yes!

  3. What a dazzling and inspirational post to wake up to this AM, Feliz~ Thank you!

  4. ! Can so relate. What a writer to present that content.

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