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Quenching our deepest thirst

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Photo: Nelson Ashberger

Imagine we are desert-bound souls desperately seeking water. If we are offered anything but water we will turn away. We might be offered a change of clothes, food, shelter — all good things. But the desperate nature of life-threatening thirst will cause the thirsty one to reject what is offered as if the offering were poison.


Photo: David Campbell / http://gbctours.com

When we experience intense suffering, our world seems to narrow dramatically and become very small. Imagine the intense pain we feel when we sustain a deep burn–or a deep loss.

Do we really care, at that moment, about any other needs in our life, no matter how legitimate they are? The need that seems most desperate can crowd out of our consciousness all other needs until that need is met, whether it is removing our hand from a heat source, healing from grief, or quenching our thirst with life-giving water. WTOEimage.php

If it is our desperate need to discover our authentic self and purpose, then once we become aware of that true identity and purpose, we’ll understand the most beneficial choices for us to make. As with any thirst, it is a matter of first things first. The tricky challenge is that often, rather like seeking water in sand, our mind seeks purpose and fulfillment in the material realm that, much like sand, offers neither resources to meet our deepest need, nor a viable foundation upon which to build.

Without the awareness and involvement of our spiritual nature — who we truly are — our life is rather like a gift we can never unwrap nor fully receive.

Excerpted from With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate the Past When We Can Investigate Reality?

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  1. Hi, Phyllis:
    May I have permission to quote your last paragraph in this blog and also the gist of this blog? Julia Keiko Matsui Higa Estrella

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