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Our unique spiritual fingerprint



Photo: Karen Olin Darling

When we give or receive acts of service, we become engaged in the process of investigating our own reality and gradually, more is revealed about who we really are.

In that process, we gradually disperse the dust and veils of an illusory identity that has been formed by living in a culture that is immersed in blind imitation of the past. Once those veils are lifted, we encounter and discover our true and unique individual identity.

The process begins with a genuine act of service that is always motivated by the attributes of God that are latent within each of our hearts. It is our free-will decision that brings forth these “gems of inestimable value”.  shellIMG_4785

How we choose to show love, receive forgiveness, and express other attributes in an act of service is our own spiritual fingerprint, and just like our physical fingerprint, it is unique to us.

Nobody in the past, present or future will love exactly the same way that each of us does.

Each time that we give or receive, an attribute of God — a facet of the infinite jewel — is revealed. In this way we make an invaluable contribution because we have added to what can be perceived of divinity. WTOEimage.php

And because we are all capable of making such a contribution, this means that each individual is absolutely indispensable.

Excerpted from With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate the Past When We Can Investigate Reality?

Find more about the book at:


Print version at: http://www.bahairesources.com/with-thine-own-eyes.html


2 thoughts on “Our unique spiritual fingerprint

  1. Service as unique fingerprint! Love this….I recently had an astrologist interpret my unique quantum fingerprint as well. He is almost 100% accurate….keep well…Julia

  2. This is good, P. I have been thinking more about this as I grow older (Well, grow, anyway) and wonder what I am leaving behind. So cool when it’s good.

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