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Finding the Divine in the Details

We each hold the key to a kind world

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As Winter overtakes my days, I love hearing from readers.

Most are responding to The Munich Girl, a story with its share of wintry scenes. But some have also been visiting the world of my earlier novel, Snow Fence Road.

One reviewer’s words about its story continue to strike a chord:

 “One of the things I also enjoyed was that this took place in a kind world, with supportive and loving folks, despite their past difficulties, even with each other.”

This is the reason that I write –  from the belief that this is the world that all of our hearts want – and that all of our hearts are capable of helping to bring it into being. Our minds can be reinforced in a thousand ways to believe that this is unrealistic and impossible.

But our hearts know so very much better. They always hold the key to that kinder world they can envision, with love. What helps them to act on what they know? 

DCglobes10407448_10152999309066802_4728941717624354898_nOur experience of life in these times can feel harsh and cold and unyieding. Those are the times when our hearts can feel stricken, fearful, confounded.

But like the sun, even in winter, there is always, each day, that waiting possibility of “radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darknesses” so that “your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.”

These words of Lao Tzu’s, shared a long time ago, capture the timeless essence conveyed in what we remember in every new Season of Light: the light does, indeed, shine forth most brightly, unmistakably, in darkness. munichgirl_card_front


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