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BoomerCafé asks, “Why Eva Braun?”

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I’m very grateful to author Eric Mondschein and BoomerCafé for featuring my novel, The Munich Girl, this week.

Here’s one question, and a link to the rest of the article follows.


295668_568897299796639_1856313471_nBC: What message are you trying to convey to readers?

PR: At least two.

 One is that there is a reality that transcends appearances, and we miss a lot of the truth because we don’t investigate it more completely. EB pix Germany and more 258

This is also a story about outlasting that chaos and confusion of war and destruction by valuing, and believing in, the ultimate triumph of all of the good that we are willing to contribute to building together. Many Germans did this, though until recently, their stories have remained unknown.

The novel is also about the eventual homecoming we must all make to our truest self, and the role that others often mysteriously play in that process.


12342460_10208150312625888_7743673090992892225_nRead the BoomerCafé article here:


More about The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies That Outlast War:




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