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IMG_2408Very soon, for those who are asking, The Munich Girl: A  Novel of the Legacies That Outlast War will be out in its Kindle version.

Fellow author Reiner Lomb has taken his print copy far away to the beaches of Brazil for some holiday reading. I love seeing readers’ photos of the book, wherever they roam with it, so please keep sending them.

And my gratitude is renewed each day when I see the response that readers share through their reviews posted at book-selling websites, blogs, and Goodreads.

5.0 out of 5 stars   Historical Fiction with a Memoir Feel…
on December 10, 2015


Eva_mk_R1B-1“The Munich Girl is a work of historical fiction that reads and feels like a memoir. So many of the story’s details are historically correct that it is hard to determine where the facts leave off and the fiction begins.

Beautifully told, and exquisitely written, each page unfolds like the wrapping over a gem. The settings are vivid, the characters come to life. It is a rather involved story between Anna’s existence with a narcissistic husband, the budding relationship between her and Hannes, her mother’s story that neatly intertwines with Eva’s. There are also the premonition-like dreams and the chapters written in her mother’s hand.

Told in a focused and experienced style, every page draws you in further into the story. Hard to put down, harder to forget.”




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