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“Uncomplicated read of a complex situation”

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A room where Eva Braun likely did a lot of her own reading. Photo courtesy of Third Reich in Ruins.

I believe it’s writers’ biggest privilege to have others read their work. After all, our world has more books in it than ever before.

When book reviewers (who are, most often, inundated with authors’ requests for reviews) make the time to read, reflect on, and write a review for a book, it’s nothing short of supreme generosity.

As The Munich Girl makes its way out into a world of readers, it’s a gift each time a reviewer shares response to the novel. This week, writer Carol Sampson has offered her thoughts about it at her blog, and also introduced a new circle of her own readers to the book.


Writer and reviewer Carol Sampson

Back in November when the book’s print version published, Carol was the very first person to respond when, hunched over my laptop in my good friend’s guest room in Germany, I searched for book bloggers who might be interested in giving the book that increasingly rare resource: their time. I was especially grateful to connect with Carol, who, like my mother, is from the UK.

It’s an extra bonus when a reviewer recognizes both the themes and the intent that The Munich Girl is meant to convey. Carol notes that the novel reflects my own interest “in people, their relationships, and the effects we all have on one another in the decisions we make. Each character reveals different aspects of humanity and gives an insight into the human condition.”

12342460_10208150312625888_7743673090992892225_nDescribing the story as a weaving of history and fiction that’s “an uncomplicated read of a complex situation,” she kindly credits it with  “offering an understanding of the intricacies of relationships.”

With my deepest thanks to Carol, I encourage you to read her full review at the link below and, while you’re there, check out the other great recent post she’s done called “Who am I to judge?”


Link to Carol Sampson’s review here:


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