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The legacies that outlast



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In these times when writing and publishing a book can feel like pinning a leaf in a forest, book bloggers are some of a writer’s very kindest friends.

I’m grateful to reviewer Courtney of Incessant Bookworm blog for her insightful response to The Munich Girl:

“Ring incorporates some unique twists that in the end wind into my believing that everything happens for a reason and what may seem random and irrelevant becomes groundbreaking.


Photo: Diane Kirkup

“Two moving passages from the story encompass the main take away for me – coincidentally on the same page – and have a strong and clear parallel to the subtitle:

‘Sometimes, we must outlast even what seems worse than we have imagined, because we believe in the things that are good. So that there can be good things again.’

‘I’m realizing now that war leaves so many different kinds of legacies … Some stay buried. Many are part-truths that become legends or myths. Many others are what we know are there but try to deny or ignore.’


Find the review from Courtney’s Incessant Bookworm Blog here at Goodreads:



IMG_2408Also, a Giveaway for

The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War

continues at Stacie Theis’s Beach Bound Books Blog:


2 thoughts on “The legacies that outlast

  1. It is clear that women view life quite differently than men. Now that women have the power they fought for we men wonder if they will heed the words that Erik Eriksson penned for the women of this time now: “Power is coming to women. Don’tmisuse power the way men have misused power.”

    Reading this blog by author Phyllis Ring, just like reading her book Munich Girl, I do not get a sense that women will misuse power as men have but this change in who weilds power will end wars and will change our world.

  2. Legacy a good subject/theme. Sometimes I wonder if all the upsets in Africa, come from seeds planted by Imperialism.

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