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Groomed to give up their lives

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The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War



It’s an extra-big blessing for me when a reader takes the time to leave reviewing feedback at such sites as Amazon and Goodreads.

It’s pure joy when those words reflect the very heart of the intentions in the novel’s story.

goodreads_icon_100x100-4a7d81b31d932cfc0be621ee15a14e70Reader Mary L. Brosmer wrote:

“I loved this novel because of its many layers: history, family, mystery, and love story.

“Above all, however, I was taken by its emotional intelligence, by the author’s descriptions of how women, even well-educated women such as the protagonist, are groomed to give up their lives for the ‘larger’ missions of their husbands and lovers.”

IMG_20151119_170505050Mary cut right to the core of what The Munich Girl invites us to explore — not just the circumstances in the life of one tyrant’s consort, but the many ways in which the feminine aspect in humanity is subjugated — Fascism being the most extreme form.

As she ponders Eva Braun’s life and the book’s themes, reader Sandra Pauer writes:

Does lack of self-confidence penetrate our psyche so deeply as to blind us to reality?

“[Do] centuries of oppression, still being treated as second rate-citizens today, skew our inner depths … blindside our ability to truly care for ourselves?

“I don’t think the author wrote this novel to redeem Eva Braun in any sense of the imagination. It served me to reflect on womanhood with our history steeped in domination and injustice.”

Find more about The Munich Girl at:


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