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First Impressions – gratefully received

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424A blog tour for The Munich Girl kicked off at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours this week.

A big gift right at the outset was the review left for the book at Goodreads by Whitney of First Impressions Reviews:

goodreads_icon_100x100-4a7d81b31d932cfc0be621ee15a14e70“Historical fiction novels that are told in past and present tense can be tricky. If not done right they can be jerky and painful to read.

“This was not the case in The Munich Girl. Peggy’s diary entries were applied seamlessly blending past with the present. I yearned to enter the streets of 1940s Germany and discover the meaning behind a simple portrait and view the forging of an unlikely friendship. Phyllis Edgerly Ring has written a superbly researched novel of a historical figure whose’ story is impeccably told.”


munichgirl_card_backFind Whitney’s review here:



Find more about the book at:




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