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tumblr_m7n6ytThHG1rp2skqo1_500The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War –


Extra grateful for one Amazon reviewing reader’s insightful thoughts::

1783274_eva-braun-adolf-hitler   “In The Munich Girl, Phyllis Edgerly Ring takes on two difficult challenges.

   “First she tells the story of a woman, Eva Braun, many of us would rather not know about.

Ring tells that story with empathy so contagious we can’t help but be drawn in.

   “Second she tells her story through the triple prism of three different women and their separate experiences. As we grow to know each woman our compassion grows as well and we become more and more emotionally involved. 424

   “Another challenge deftly navigated is the time frame of the three stories from the present to before and during WWII then back again.

   “Ring manages these shifts without disrupting the forward momentum of the story. … ”


Find the rest, and more about the book at:


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