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Grateful for A Literary Vacation

crop Adolf-Hitler-und-Eva-BraunSeventy-one years ago this month, Eva Braun’s world, and life, were coming to their end as Germany succumbed to defeat and ruin.

From a bunker under Berlin, the 33-year-old, who had spent nearly half her life with Hitler, wrote her final letters to her younger sister, Gretl, and longtime friend, Herta.

EBmem9ivgqZ_DGGHKgWhco68gShe writes of preparing to die (she would commit suicide alongside Hitler eight days later), and her bewilderment at how things were ending; about dreams she’d long held, which weren’t ever going to come true.

Within a span of less than 36 hours, she would finally realize her longed-for dream and marry Hitler, then she’d pay the greatest possible price for that when she took her life beside him two days later. 424

I want to thank Book Blogger Connie Turner of A Literary Vacation blog for hosting my guest post about elements of the story in my novel, The Munich Girl, and how they relate with events that many in Europe — and the world — will be remembering over the next two weeks.

As the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day comes around almost three-quarters of a century after the guns in Europe were finally silenced, they remind us that what remained in the ruins was the task of rebuilding civilization, yet again.


Find the Guest Post here at A Literary Vacation blog: http://aliteraryvacation.blogspot.com/2016/04/guest-post-by-phyllis-edgerly-ring.html