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Kind words and book discounts

Snow Fence Road Cover


Bless reader Susanne Weigand, who lives not far from my German hometown of Wertheim.

First she featured Snow Fence Road on her list of 10 Picks for readers in her Sunday column.

Then she shared the gift of a kind review and – a bonus – left that review (below) at Amazon sites in the U.S. and Germany, both, plus at Goodreads.

312q7DGYsbL._SL110_Since folks have been asking about ordering signed copies as gifts, between now and November 27, if you purchase a print copy of any of my books from me, you are welcome to buy additional copies of either Life at First Sight or Snow Fence Road at 40 percent off the cover price, and I’ll ship for free.

Just let me know your ordering wishes at: info@phyllisring.com.


Here are Susanne’s kind reader-review words:

“I love books with a great sense of place. Snow Fence Road has it all. The Spinacker Inn where I would like to go for a holiday. The town of Knowle where you walk the streets with the characters. Great food you taste while reading about it. Art you can visualize. Blueberry picking in summer and a long harsh winter that makes you shiver even when reading the book in warmer weather.

The characters are real, you will go back to them and talk to them, long after finishing the book. And amidst all the snow and storms of winter there is catharsis like in a greek drama and the main characters are able to face their choices of the past and turn to a better and happier tomorrow.”


Snow Fence Road – a gift for Thanksgiving

Snow Fence Road Cover

Well, I am extra thankful in this Thanksgiving week. Amazon has decided to offer the Kindle version of my novel, SNOW FENCE ROAD, for free as a download through this Wednesday, Nov. 27.

One of the nicest experiences I ever had as a writer was to give away copies of my book at Book Expo America in New York back in 2009.

Now, you can help me do that again. Download at the link below, and invite your friends and family to do the same:


And Julie Bond Genovese, one of my favorite authors, thanks for these very kind words you left in the reviews:

A story to reboot your heart:

Snow Fence Road, a beautiful love story, moves in twists and turns from unthinkable loss toward healing and redemption. Although grief holds the characters hostage, forgiveness and letting go allows hope to return. Phyllis Edgerly Ring is a writer of compassion, depth and brilliant imagery. I could feel that brisk Maine snow smacking my face as I careened right through this story. The atmosphere and mood, suspense and danger, kindness and courage will reboot your heart with this – life won’t leave you wanting and Love won’t ever give up.