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A girl, a bat, and how caring becomes courage


Illustration: Leona Herzig Hosack

Life delivered a very sweet gift recently from artist Leona Herzig Hosack, when she told me that her illustrations for my forthcoming children’s book from Bellwood Press are nearing completion. Better, yet, she’s letting folks have a peek.

Jamila finalsketch1

Illustration: Leona Herzig Hosack

Jamila Does Not Want A Bat in her House is the story of a little girl frightened by the bat swooping around inside her house, especially when her parents can’t get it outside. It flies out of their reach, over their heads, and disappears where they can’t see it. Jamila does not like this game of hide-and-seek at all.


Illustration: Leona Herzig Hosack

When she finally sees the bat up close, she discovers that it’s very small, and that it might be as scared as she is. That’s when she finds the compassion, and the courage, to help the bat, her family, and herself. Along the way, she learns about perseverance, cooperation, and the real power of prayer to help us meet the challenges that can arrive in our lives like unwelcome visitors.

Bats have visited my family’s Victorian house regularly through the years. Over time, as our family solved the challenge of freeing them, we learned a lot, as Jamila does, about the value of empathy, and of working together for the benefit of all (including the bat).

Find more illustrations and learn about Leona’s artistic process at her blog: http://leonaartsandmusic.blogspot.com/2015/02/finally-here-are-final-sketches-for.html