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Soon, she’ll be virtual, too

IMG_2408Very soon, for those who are asking, The Munich Girl: A  Novel of the Legacies That Outlast War will be out in its Kindle version.

Fellow author Reiner Lomb has taken his print copy far away to the beaches of Brazil for some holiday reading. I love seeing readers’ photos of the book, wherever they roam with it, so please keep sending them.

And my gratitude is renewed each day when I see the response that readers share through their reviews posted at book-selling websites, blogs, and Goodreads.

5.0 out of 5 stars   Historical Fiction with a Memoir Feel…
on December 10, 2015


Eva_mk_R1B-1“The Munich Girl is a work of historical fiction that reads and feels like a memoir. So many of the story’s details are historically correct that it is hard to determine where the facts leave off and the fiction begins.

Beautifully told, and exquisitely written, each page unfolds like the wrapping over a gem. The settings are vivid, the characters come to life. It is a rather involved story between Anna’s existence with a narcissistic husband, the budding relationship between her and Hannes, her mother’s story that neatly intertwines with Eva’s. There are also the premonition-like dreams and the chapters written in her mother’s hand.

Told in a focused and experienced style, every page draws you in further into the story. Hard to put down, harder to forget.”



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Warmest thanks in wintry days

IMG_5991It’s a writer’s never-ending delight to hear from readers.

Recently a thoughtful one sent this image of Snow Fence Road that evokes how inviting it can feel to curl up with a book on days of wintry chill – or in the sunshine, maybe at the beach, for those of you in our southern sister hemisphere.

Reader Sabrina Laumer touched on an atmospheric theme of her own in a review at Goodreads:

“This book was absorbing and comforting, with characters that were engaging and distinctive.

Set in a frozen winter scene in Maine, it made me feel like curling up with a hot cup of tea while I read.goodreadsh 

… a story that keeps you engaged and guessing at its secrets right up until the the truth is revealed.”

Dear readers and friends, at the start of the year that’s the halfway mark of the decade, I thank you for the time you make to read my books, and your generous response of telling others about them, whether with helpful reviews or the other sharing and recommending that you do. It’s a blessing. I especially love receiving photos of readers with the book, or of the book in far-flung parts of the world.

My thanks, too, to those book clubs in Virgina and Maine who’ve added the book to your 2015 reading list. I’m always happy to “visit” with clubs, virtually or in-person, and I offer discounts for group purchases.

IMG_2717Through all of publishing’s unexpected developments and surprises, I have a heart full of gratitude for the grace of being able to share with readers those nagging scenes and stories that won’t leave me alone until I help them find their way onto pages.

It looks as though 2015 may be the year to bring out two more of them in new books.

If you’d like to be on my mailing list, simply follow the blog, or send a request to info@phyllisring.com

Find more about Snow Fence Road, and all of my books in print or Kindle, at:


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Kind words and book discounts

Snow Fence Road Cover


Bless reader Susanne Weigand, who lives not far from my German hometown of Wertheim.

First she featured Snow Fence Road on her list of 10 Picks for readers in her Sunday column.

Then she shared the gift of a kind review and – a bonus – left that review (below) at Amazon sites in the U.S. and Germany, both, plus at Goodreads.

312q7DGYsbL._SL110_Since folks have been asking about ordering signed copies as gifts, between now and November 27, if you purchase a print copy of any of my books from me, you are welcome to buy additional copies of either Life at First Sight or Snow Fence Road at 40 percent off the cover price, and I’ll ship for free.

Just let me know your ordering wishes at: info@phyllisring.com.


Here are Susanne’s kind reader-review words:

“I love books with a great sense of place. Snow Fence Road has it all. The Spinacker Inn where I would like to go for a holiday. The town of Knowle where you walk the streets with the characters. Great food you taste while reading about it. Art you can visualize. Blueberry picking in summer and a long harsh winter that makes you shiver even when reading the book in warmer weather.

The characters are real, you will go back to them and talk to them, long after finishing the book. And amidst all the snow and storms of winter there is catharsis like in a greek drama and the main characters are able to face their choices of the past and turn to a better and happier tomorrow.”

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Giveaway, with Gratitude



Thanks so much to Jennifer at Clean Romance Reviews for hosting a book/gift bundle giveaway for Snow Fence Road that continues through Aug. 27. (Details with photo, below.)

And my big thanks to Nicole of Ariesgirl Book Reviews for her very thoughtful words about the book:

Snow Fence Road is a short, sweet and power-packing book. Readers will be riding an emotional rollercoaster, while turning each page as they try to figure out each twist and turn. One thing that the author focuses on is that tragedy, while devastating, could lead towards unanticipated opportunities.

Your can see the entire Aug. 10 review, and more of Nicole’s thoughts on books, at: http://ariesgrlreview.com.


Enter to win these vintage-design Swarovski-crystal earrings from NH artist Diane Kirkup and a book/gifts bundle at http://www.cleanromancereviews.com/2014/08/giveaway-snow-fenced-road-and-purple.html. Contest ends Aug. 27.

Snow Fence Road

A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets – the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.

More about the book at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DDVB106/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00DDVB106&linkCode=as2&tag=leaofthetre-20″>Snow Fence Road<

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Where a book tours – all by itself


In the things-I-never-imagined-or saw-coming category:

A kind reader named Tammy Gray from Australia, pictured here, met my New Hampshire friends Jane and Calvin while they were all traveling in Luang Prabang, Laos. That’s how she received her copy of Snow Fence Road.

Tammy tells me that she read it in a day on one of their long, winding bus rides through Laotian mountains. Thanks so much for reading, Tammy – and to Calvin and Jane for bringing it with you half a world away when you already had so much to carry!

I’m also thankful to hear this week from two book clubs whose members are reading the book. I am always happy to “visit” with clubs, as one has invited, either virtually or in-person, as possible. And I love receiving photos of readers with the book.

Meanwhile, over at Goodreads, more than a thousand folks entered a giveaway for three copies of the book, I was astonished to discover. One of the winners, Sarah, kindly posted a 5-star review.goodreadsh

Other news from Goodreads brings a chuckle: Snow Fence Road has been added to a list there, hopefully the first of more to come. It’s called “Sexy Limp”, in reference to character Evan Marston’s gait. Once again I’m reminded that readers will respond in ways writers couldn’t possibly predict or imagine.

The book is 35th on this list of 109 books, so far. Considering that the story contains no sexual activity, and the limp in question is the unavoidable outcome of unpleasant, life-threatening circumstance, it’s a delightful irony.945917_10201346130645907_189855719_n

Through all of publication’s unexpected developments and surprises, I have a heart full of gratitude for the grace of being able to share with others those nagging things that won’t leave me alone until I help them find their way onto pages.

More about Snow Fence Road at:


Yes, that is grass in the photo to the left. Whatever the snow, we’re going to see it again. Thanks for this shot of summer, Chele Hauschildt.

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In the season of snow

Snow Fence Road Cover

Thanks so much, Christine Singleton, for that review at Goodreads, and for sharing your kind thoughts about Snow Fence Road on Facebook, too.

Christine Singleton‘s review

Feb 02, 14
5 of 5 stars – A friend recommended Snow Fence Road, and I picked it up on a whim. The cover is lovely ~ with a picture of a snowy road that just begs you to enter. Both of the main characters are dealing with losses, and every character in the book is so detailed that you feel you KNOW these people. It’s the kind of story you hate to have end. It’s based in New England and I wish that Tess was a friend of mine. I hope that Phyllis Ring considers a follow up to this book!
A total of 1,060 readers entered January’s Goodreads giveaway for the book, and one of those 3 winning copies is on its way to Australia. Do check out the giveaway offered here throughout February, too, (information below right).

And if you’ve read Snow Fence Road, I love hearing from you. It’s fun to see a little town in Maine, and four imaginary souls, find new friends in such far-flung places.


Enter to win these vintage-design earrings from NH artist Diane Kirkup. Email: info@phyllisring.com with “vintage” in the subject line and your reply to the question: “What, as a reader, would you want to know about Eva Braun?” Contest ends Feb. 28.

Snow Fence Road – A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets – the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.

More about the book at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DDVB106/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00DDVB106&linkCode=as2&tag=leaofthetre-20″>Snow Fence Road<