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Winter in a kinder world – Giveaway Week 4



Winner’s choice of winter beauty in this week’s giveaway –

from these designs by New Hampshire artist Diane Kirkup.

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headerAs the Winter Solstice approaches, I love hearing from readers of Snow Fence Road, a tale with its share of wintry weather and scenes. A year ago today, after what can only be described as a forceful, invisible nudge, I tried my luck with the kind publisher I’m forever grateful has published this story. Black Lyon Publishing has a whole lot of offerings for this and every season — and a fun video taste of holiday spirit at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OCtOUespkY&feature=youtu.be


Photo: Saffron Moser

One reviewer’s words about the book and its story struck a chord for me, this week:

“One of the things I also enjoyed was that this took place in a kind world, with supportive and loving folks, despite their past difficulties, even with each other.”


Photo: Saffron Moser

That’s the reason I write at all, from the stubborn belief that this is the kind of world that all of our hearts want, and can all help bring into being.

And from one of my heroes, naturalist and writer John Burroughs, comes a taste of “Winter Sunshine”, which encapsulates so perfectly this quieting season when every one and every thing prepares for rest and restoration:

“It is a spur that one feels at this season more than at any other. How nimbly you step forth! The woods roar, the waters shine, and the hills look invitingly near. You do not miss the flowers and the songsters, or wish the trees or fields any different, or heavens any nearer. Every object pleases…. the straight light-gray trunks of the trees… how curious they look, and as if surprised in undress.”