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Finding the Divine in the Details

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A story of pure gold

The golden answer to all that we seek, resides eternally

in the Golden Rule.


Now a beautiful book for readers 3-8 – and hearts of all ages – explores its power in The Golden Friendship. This bright, colorfully illustrated story by New Hampshire writer and artist Lauren Chuslo-Shur follows the bumps that test the friendship between a Brazilian muriqui monkey and red-eyed tree frog and reveals the rewarding freedoms that acceptance and understanding always bring.

The story is supplemented with a list of thoughtful questions to maximize teachable moments about character and consequences, lively facts about the Brazilian rainforest and its animals, and instructions for how to craft the tissue-paper materials used to create the book’s delightful illustrations. 5withfurrilr

The Golden Friendship, published in hardcover, sells for $28 plus shipping and handling.

To order, E-mail author Lauren Chuslo-Shur at lcshur@comcast.net, or visit her Kensington Arts web site at: http://www.kensingtonartandcards.com/golden.html.