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Through the heart’s doorway


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The door to my heart opens inward. I move through forgiveness to love.

~Louise Hay

We suffer because our interactions with others do not meet the expectations we did not know we had.

~ James Patrick McDonald

Self Care is … letting yourself sit on the couch an extra hour because you know that will be more productive than stressing out.

~ Soul Pancake

Both fear and faith demand you believe in something you cannot see. Have faith in the best outcome, instead of fear of the worst.

~ Law of Attraction

Within the seed of mindfulness is the seed of concentration. With these two energies, we can liberate ourselves from afflictions.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Life at the speed of two languages

Hay511BzrTZ2uL._I am living and reading in two languages. Sort of.

I’m in Germany for, among other things, work on a book, which I do in English. (Or at least, I like to think so.) Meanwhile, the rhythm of the rest of my life right now is mostly a German soundtrack.

I know that the more time I spend writing in English, the more I flounder in German. Sometimes, when I’ve been really immersed (one might almost say relaxed into) German, I struggle for the words in English. At times, I feel like a refugee from the lands of both languages.

The remedy for this arrived on a recent rainy weekend when Buchhandlung Moritz & Lux was kind enough to have its Wertheim branch open. When I get to feeling a bit lost in the world, or a day, I can always find balance again in a bookstore.

This one eliminated my taking the easy road – there was no English section. I was nearly contenting myself with a book of Anthony de Mello’s, as he’s a longtime friend of my soul. But geesh, I knew it would be tough going. M&L1619625_518118688220377_420921398_n

Then, there she was on a shelf next to his – old friend Louise Hay, God bless her. I could feel instantly how perfect this was. This is the kind of reading that, I knew from experience, I would do with my heart — which, I’m realizing, is the only way I ever really do anything. So if I want to deepen into German, this is the soul-sized way, for me.

Meditationen für Körper und Seele, it’s called – Meditations for Body and Soul. The blurb advises: “Mit diesen Meditationen erhalten wir den wichtigsten Schlüssel, um negative alte Gedankenmuster aufzulösen und wieder Vertrauen in die positiven Kräfte des Lebens zu gewinnen.”  With these meditations we receive the most important key to resolve negative old thinking and restore confidence in the positive forces of life to win.

Or, one might say, we “restore confidence” (love that phrase) in the power of the building of the good. Isn’t life ever-delightful in the way it nudges toward the very next just-right thing?